Cancer-Causing Gas in Lake County

We demand an end to the emission of ethylene oxide in our communities. This chemical attacks DNA in human cells and causes cancer. There is no safe level.

Our Plan

A ban on ethylene oxide emissions in and around our communities.

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Key Facts

What is Happening?

Ethylene Oxide gas is being released in our community in large amounts by two companies. 9,470 pounds of this gas were released in 2014.

Who is Releasing It?

Vantage Specialty Chemicals in Gurnee, IL and Medline Industries in Waukegan, IL. Medline uses it to sterilize medical supplies. Vantage uses it for non-medical products.

What is Ethylene Oxide?

A gas used to sterilize materials that are sensitive to normal sterilization techniques (heat and moisture). It is also used to make some consumer products.

Why is Ethylene Oxide Bad?

It sterilizes by attacking and damaging the DNA of organisms, including humans. This makes it an aggressive cause of cancer - even in very small quantities.

Help Spread the Word!

View the EPA FAQ on ethylene oxide. Many community members are still in the dark and the polluters want to keep it that way. Knowledge is power.

EPA Fact Sheet
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Local Leaders

Kristina Kovarik

Mayor, Gurnee

Gurnee has the authority to ban ethylene oxide under Illinois Constitution Article VII, Section 6 and Illinois statute 65 ILCS 5, Article 11 Division 19.1.

Jeanne Balmes
Greg Garner
Thomas Hood
Cheryl Ross
Karen Thorstenson
Quin O'Brien


Sam Cunningham

Mayor, Waukegan

Waukegan has the authority to ban ethylene oxide under Illinois Constitution Article VII, Section 6 and Illinois statute 65 ILCS 5, Article 11 Division 19.1.

Sylvia Sims Bolton
Alderman, 1st Ward
Patrick Seger
Alderman, 2nd Ward
Greg Moisio
Alderman, 3rd Ward
Dr. Roudell Kirkwood
Alderman, 4th Ward
Edith Newsome
Alderman, 5th Ward
Keith Turner
Alderman, 6th Ward
Felix Rivera
Alderman, 7th Ward
Dr. Lynn Florian
Alderman, 8th Ward
Ann Taylor
Alderman, 9th Ward

State Leaders

Melinda Bush

State Senator, 31st District

Bush represents most of Gurnee.

Terry Link

State Senator, 30th District

Link represents most of Waukegan. Both Vantage and Medline are in his district.

Daniel Didech

State Representative-Elect, 59th District

Didech represents areas around Park City, including Medline.

Rita Mayfield

State Representative, 60th District

Mayfield represents much of Waukegan and some parts of Gurnee. Vantage is in her district.

Joyce Mason

State Representative-Elect, 61st District

Mason represents much of Gurnee.

Federal Leaders

Dick Durbin

United States Senator


Tammy Duckworth

United States Senator


Brad Schneider

United States Representative, 10th District

Represents much of Waukegan and some of Gurnee. Vantage and Medline are in his district.

Lauren Underwood

United States Representative-Elect, 14th District

Represents much of Gurnee.

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